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IAO's Full Accreditation Awarded to AdhaarShila Education Hub

AdhaarShila Education Hub has successfully met all of the IAO's accreditation requirements and as a result has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. The institute has been awarded Full Accreditation after evaluating it on IAO standards of the global best practices in Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance. IAO's full accreditation is a proof that AdhaarShila Education Hub offers education to its students that is on par with global education standards and that the institute is fully committed towards continous improvement of its educational standards.

AdhaarShila Education Hub has been granted accreditation status. IAO confers on AdhaarShila Education Hub accreditation for the issuance of degrees, diplomas and certificates.

"AdhaarShila”, evaluated in 2010 - one of the most reputed and trusted names, earned in the shortest span of time through our service delivery and toil. Every year pupils from Pan India approach and seek admissions in Delhi University with a dream of glossy career. We, adjacent to the North Campus of Delhi University, almost all the Colleges have a stone throw-way walking distance from us, on the other side, we are very well connected with Roads, Metro-stations and local marts. 

Education at AdhaarShila means 'Sound Foundation for Personal Life as well as Professional Career'. Based on the ‘Work Life Balance’ strategy, We prepare our students for life by imparting not only age-appropriate knowledge but also enhancing their talents and empowering them with life skills to ensure overall development of the students. At AdhaarShila, we not only educate the students imparting the knowledge of different concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skills like confidence, leadership, taking initiative, courage etc.

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