Aero Modeling


Remote Controlling the objects has always eased the humans, saving a lot of energy and dangers involved in completing the task. Therefore, we have incorporated this technology to make a Radio controlled aircraft which could perform all the maneuver’s of an actual aircraft. 


This technique of building and assembling the replica of a Aircraft into Balsa Wood Scale size Aeromodels which depicts all the movements of an actual flying aircraft  is termed as Aero Modelling.

It is pursued as a hobby around the globe, so as to develop future pilots at a very young age. And Aeromodelling has also been included  as a Demonstration Sports for 2020 Olympics.

WHY Aeromodelling ?

This is a very creative and innovative project which provides a platform for the budding pilots to understand the Aerodynamics of a aircraft and its basic principle of working.

Aeromodelling helps in understanding the various parts of an aircraft and also the air maneuvers which are depicted by the aero-models.

What we will do ?

We will design a complete Circuit of Transmitter & Receiver set for Radio Controlling the Aeromodel using a RF Module. And this RF Signals will be encoded and decoded using Encoder – Decoder IC’s which we will further use to actuate the relays for moving Servo Motors attached with different parts of Aeromodel such as Elevator, Rudder, Ailerons, Throttle Control etc.

Types of Aeromodels:

Chuck Gliders:

Chuck Gliders are powered by Rubber bands and performs a Free Flight i.e. we don`t provide any external control from the ground. (For Classes – 6th  - 10th Standard)

Radio Controlled Aeromodels:

These Aeromodels are controlled by Radio Signals using a Transmitter – Receiver Set operated from ground and they can perform all the maneuvers like a full sized aircraft. (For Classes – 10th  - 12th  Standard)

Advantages/Benifits of Aeromodelling:

  • Know – how of various parts of a Aircraft

  • Basic principle of working of a Aircraft

  • Aerodynamic Maneuvers performed by a Aircraft

  • Team work/Team building for assembling the Aeromodel Kit

  • Enhancing the Reflex and Co-ordination Skills using Tx-Rx set

  • Out of Box Thinking Attitude, Innovative and Creative Thinking

  • Developing the future Pilot Skills for career prospects in aviation