Frequently Asked Questions


What is the scope, value and recognition - the Degree courses provided by your Alliance in India.


We are accredited by IAO recognized in 6 continents, hence globally accepted accreditation.

The Alliance University, a leading online university, offers self-paced degree, diploma, and certificate programs in 16 different fields of study and 71 different majors via thousands of faculty members responsible for creating the best learning experience online. Through its global locations across 6 continents and its affiliated institutes and universities, The University reaches students all over the world. The University has collaborated with the world's top employers to provide its students with rewarding jobs and career placements. The University offers innovative and easy-to-use features like Mobile Classroom, Free Online Students' Consultancy, and Easily Transferable Prior Credits, which make it one of the most sought-after universities for students around the world. The University surpass both the traditional and the online programs offered by other institutions in terms of ease & flexibility, affordability, quickness and quality of education.

Programs Offered: 

•             Associate Degree(s)

•             Bachelor Degree(s)

•             Masters Degree(s)

•             Doctorate Degree(s)

•             Diploma Program(s)

•             Certificate Program(s)


Here in India, all the Universities are recognized by UGC (University Grant Commission of India), is the University recognized or in the list of UGC. What if my Degree doesn't recognized by Govt Sectors of India or not accepted in Public sectors.


The degree is recognized and accredited.  The University is not based in India, thus it does not need to be recognized by the UGC of India, furthermore, you can use the link below to read the official response of US Higher Education Policy on the validity of PLA Universities, which should clear why they don’t need to be approved by UGC and the validity of the degrees being issued here:


Can the student appears in National Level or State Level Competative Exams organized by Govt Commissions like UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) / SSC (Staff Selection Commission).


The program is a prior learning assessment program, which is effective for International acceptance and considerations. But If the candidate wants to appear in a National Level or State Level Competitive assessment organized by Govt then it would be wise that they should have relevant knowledge for the assessment that they are undergoing before they could appear in that program.


What legal and relevant formalities we need to complete, so that it can be accepted everywhere down the line in India and all the sectors.


Legal formalities which includes legalization and verification of your all credentials. If an university is authorize enough to provide a degree so it is authorize enough to take care of the legal formalities as per regions and sectors requirements.

We tell the procedure step by step.

First, as a university, we take care of enrollment part which is the initial registration; than the personnel would be needing some documents which includes :

·         Educational certificate / Appraisal letter or Experience letter

·         Updated CV and a photo ID

Once you do the registration, University will start their initial procedure and other paper work as per degree requirement and by the time you send the documents, it would then forward to the evaluation board and they will do the credential verification and other formalities.

Please refer to above answer and this link:

PLA Degrees are accepted if they come from an accredited University such as Ours, you will not need to perform any specific or out of the way formality to make it happen.


How will they audit and authenticate... means verify the docs..through any 3rd party..or any other mechanism..??


The person(s) will be required to submit clear and legible copies of their degrees and previous transcripts with the seals and authorized signatures clearly visible, it is a process not too dissimilar to how degree verification services validate student degrees.

Its done through software check applications.

One do the working credential check and second do your educational credentials and these software's and system are inter link with the Education board and Embassies.  These applications are specially made for online universities to do the background and verification purpose.


What if my Degree doesn't recognized by Govt Sectors of India or not accepted in Public sectors. My all money and time will be on stake. why one will join these if it is not be benefited here.


We would like you to note that the alliance University is accredited with IAO, the leading accreditation organization with more than one thousand accredited institutes under their banner, IAO will vouch for the University’s degrees without any hassles.

Furthermore, we have a process of legalization.


What is that and how it is help me.


We would attest and legalize your degree from US embassy & Department of State, well usually students from India get their attestation done from department of state and never had such issues so far. With due respect if we complete the legal formalities from our end as well as from your end, you wouldn't have any issues as per our experience.


And what is the scope in other regions of the World. Means Job Opportunities or recognition especially in US


This degree is no other than a normal conventional degree. Hence job opportunities and recognition is globally accepted especially in US. 

PLA Degrees are accepted, recognized and widely used by various individuals. Jobs and services are being offered to these students on a daily basis. PLA is an emerging market and you can rest assured that our students will enjoy a bright future with an accredited Degree under their belt.


Can I take this as gateway to United States or where this degree acceptable OR will it be a supportive educational qualification if I try for migration purpose...


This is not a Visa into the United States.

 The later, this will be a supportive educational qualification to make your case stronger and it will.


What sets the alliance University Apart?


·              16 Schools of Study & 71 majors allow you to specialize in any field

·              Associate's to PhD level programs offered to suit your needs

·              24/7 online classrooms let you study anytime, anywhere

·              Get credits transfer to save time & money

·              Affordable education through need and merit based scholarships

·              Embassy legalized documents for international acceptance

·              Employ ability is ensured for students through University's career center