Financial Trainings

The EduFin is one of the subsidiaries of AdhaarShila Education Hub which provides training on Internationally Recognized Programs CFA (US), ACCA and CIMA - a complete skill-based training on Financial Modeling step-by-step from scratch.

Clearly, any Organization has a rich corporate heritage and tradition. At the same time, the company has been blessed with a continuum of leaders of foresight and imagination who had the courage to change course at key points along the way so that the organization could remain competitive and continue to lead its industry.

Every Leader seeks highly passionate and skill-based team. But, He also keeps in his mind continuous and advanced Skill Development is of vital importance among the team to remain Competitive and be the Market Leader.

Here, AdhaarShila Education Hub would like to take up an opportunity to provide our Quality and Professional training services to the employees of your esteemed organization. The objective is to provide the best of Finance Education and Training across globe. We prosper to build the friendly but competitive training environment for all the Finance Professionals, who are looking forward to enhance their career opportunities by adding an Internationally recognized designation.

CFA (US), ACCA and CIMA training will be conducted by professional trainers and industry practitioner’s to understand the basic concepts of each module in a concise manner. All the participants will understand the concept with its practical implication.

Benefits of pursuing the CFA (US) is to advance the knowledge Corporate Finance and understand how valuation of any Organisation takes place across World.  CFA chartered holders are highly preferred in Analytical and Decision Making jobs in the field of Finance.

Benefits of pursuing the ACCA is to acquire the business skills and gain better and faster growth prospects in an organization.

Benefits of pursuing the CIMA is become Globally Recognized Professionals who would provide the knowledge, tools and strategies to effectively set investment objectives of an Organization.

AdhaarShila Education Hub does provide an Organization to take Full Benefit of Our Customized Program on Financial Modeling.  The program is highly designed for all those who are not only looking to build or enhance their Excel Skills but also their job demands increased efficiency while working on Financial Data/Model of the Organisation. With Standard and Customized Training Features, we give an assurance that the Organization and Participants both will be benefited from our EduFin Program.

The focus of Financial Modeling program is towards understanding the basics of Excel, Analytical Tools, Presentation Tools, creating Dashboards and creating Financial Model from scratch step-by-step.

The key benefits of the program is that it will help the participants in understanding Tools and Techniques of Excel, Better Decision Making, Improving Efficiency in work and build a strong professional reputation.  Excel tools and techniques with the help of formulas and functions assist one to understand the concepts of Excel in a concise manner and make the Participant enough skilled to create a Financial Model and Analysis on their own in line with Organization’s benefits.