Arc Robotrix

Arc-Robotrix - one of the subsidiaries of AdhaarShila Education Hub, is an initiation, to provide the best of Electronics Education in, with the core factors of training, the best of Electronics, Robotics, & Aero-modelling Technology , we thrive to build the best educational environment for the young minds, who will be the next face of the nation.


ARC-Robotrix  is a world class institution that provides training in the field of  Electronics and Robotics expertise.  ARC-R provides on campus training to the school and engineering students who want to build their career in the field of Robotics and Automations. 

Robotic kits help one to understand the concepts behind the robots and robot building in a concise manner. These also let one program, the robot using simple visual programming languages, helping one to have a structured thinking towards problem solving.

Our workshops and training programs have been specially structured to prepare students for the practical environment to accompany the latest technology and its pacing development.

We have the best of technologists, serving with our well equipped R&D lab to explore new horizons and avenues where matured brains would love to tread, work and keep alive the only founding thought: Every-Student-deserves-the-best.

The early years or school life of a student constitute the most significant period in Life, because this is the stage when the foundation is laid for the overall development of an individual.

At AdhaarShila, we not only educate the students imparting the knowledge of different  concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skills like confidence, leadership, taking initiative, courage etc. 

The teachers nurture talents of our students by giving them exposure to their areas of interest like  electronics, robotics and automation etc. 

Why ARC Robotrix

  • The students are encouraged to learn by doing / experiencing on their own.  Robotrix Mindtools is a  student’s oriented program that follows the  focus and interaction with each individual  + activity approach and aim at providing an environment for mental development of the  learner. The approach and methodology is practiced  with innovative  and ‘Sate-of-the-Art’ educational training kits.
  • We  provide the Solutions for Education, Labs & Production in the field of Robotics & Embedded systems.  we aim to develop a special name in Education sector by training students in Technology & Engineering. We have our own Lab + R&D center where we strive to create training kits to provide extensive exposure. Passion & Innovation are two most important aspects of  ARC-R.
  • Adaptive & Flexible approach in trainings  who does  provide an intense concentration  and encourage the students.
  • We  have a  team of  young & passionate professional  who creates the class environment comfortable , studious, healthy which makes the learning fun.
  • One-o-One intraction and constructive effort to ensure maximum grasp & integration which helps in developing student potential to its fullest extent.
  • Continuous  training program enhancement with quality control management through a strong advisory & consultancy board.
  • In-house Robo-shop with discounts for  all through “Robotrix Mindtools".